Your accounting firm’s culture might not be something you’ve considered before; company culture represents everything your firm stands for. That includes company values, rules, ethos, what kind of staff you attract, and how people work together.
It’s the feeling or vibe your company gives out; and believe it or not, it’s more important than you might think. We won’t go into discussing why it’s important to your company – it’s clear why defining your company culture would provide value to how your accounting firm operates.
Instead, what we’re going to discuss is how your company culture can and should impact the cloud provider you choose, and what impact making the right or wrong choice will have on your business.

Your Company Culture: What Matters to You?

Start by defining your company culture. Are you interested in supporting and caring for your staff? Does your accounting firm care primarily about results and efficiency? Develop and define what your firm cares most about; make it clear what your company stands for.
Once you’ve figured that out, it’s time to look at cloud providers, and how they’re going to mesh with your firm – if at all!

Choosing the Right Cloud Provider: Is the Fit Right for You?
So, you’ve established what your company culture looks like; now it’s time to look at cloud providers and what they bring to the table; which of them is most likely to gel with your accounting firm?
There are a few factors you’ll want to focus on to find the best fit for your firm:

1. Start by Looking at Current Customers’ Experiences
It’s common sense, but the first thing to do is to look at how the provider treats their current customers. What are their current and previous clients saying about them on review sites and similar outlets?
Look for patterns in reviews and feedback; are there particular complaints or compliments that keep popping up? It’s common to find outliers that have very negative or positive experiences. You’re looking for the common threads in reviews – what most customers are experiencing, good or bad. Find the provider who not only provides an incredible customer experience, but also seems like they take the time to understand what their customers need and expects from them.

2. What Does Their Website Say?
You can do this first, or head straight for getting customer feedback from point 1; either way will work. For this step, you’re looking for the ethos and values each provider states for themselves.
Any cloud provider worth their salt will make it abundantly clear what they value, and what values they will apply when servicing their clients. Look for a company values page or similar, or failing that, see if you can understand what they value through other areas of their website, and your interactions with them.

3. Talk to Their Customers Directly
Once you’ve looked at reviews and the provider’s website directly, see if you can find some current or previous customers to talk to directly; many providers will offer a list of active clients that will be happy to sing their praises.
Start there, but don’t let that be all the research your accounting firm does; you don’t just want the rose-tinted spectacled verdict on the provider. You also want to know what they get wrong. Find out what their weaknesses are, as well as if they go the extra mile to support their clients.
Ideally, you’re looking for a provider that focuses on tailoring their service to your firm’s requirements. Current and previous customers will tell you whether this is the case or not.

Going the Extra Mile: How OneSpace Does Better

OneSpace focuses on going beyond simply providing a cloud platform to clients; when you choose a cloud provider, you’re doing more than installing a new IT service into your accounting firm. You’re trusting a provider with a large portion of your business.
OneSpace moves beyond a simple service/customer relationship, instead opting to deliver services as your partner. When you put your trust (and some of the major operations of your firm) in OneSpace’s hands, we respect that and ensure your firm is supported in all the right ways.
This includes delivering a customer experience that understands and respects how your business is unique. Integrity is at the core of the services OneSpace provides, and whether you’re listening to customer experiences or speaking to our team, you’ll quickly come to understand why our customers love us!
Ready to find out more? Speak to OneSpace now.