Cloud computing is meant to make your life easier. You don’t have to worry about managing the infrastructure and should be able to securely access your company data from anywhere. When evaluating IT solutions, ask yourself:

Is it still going to be as easy to find files you need? What extra hoops are you going to have to jump through to access company data? What benefits does the cloud bring when it comes to access? Let’s take a look at how moving to the cloud can improve your accounting business, and its day to day running.

Accessing the Cloud: OneSpace’s 3 Step Process

After you’ve moved your services to the cloud, the first thing you’ll want to do is connect your device to your new cloud platform.

How easy is this, exactly? It actually depends on which cloud provider you decide to go with. Many involve complicated processes; adding premium licenses, creating user groups, deploying app rules and policies, and more. These hurdles add extra, complicated steps to the process.

When you’re looking to make a seamless transition to the cloud for your accounting business, the last thing you need or want is your staff struggling to get up and running with the new platform.
Fortunately, OneSpace only requires that you have internet access; in fact, it takes little more than 3 steps to access your company platform.

Step 1: Open OneSpace.


Head to OneSpace’s homepage.

Step 2: Log In.

Click the login button, which you’ll find in the upper right corner of the homepage.

Step 3: Enter Your Details.

Once you’ve clicked login, you’ll see this screen. Just enter your account details.

That’s it! Once you’ve logged in, your company platform will load, allow you to access your normal work desktop, apps and data, just as if you were at your desk.

Very easy, as you can see.

Moving Around with Your Work: The Benefit of the Cloud

One of the major benefits of the cloud is being able to access your work anywhere in the world, provided you have access to the internet. If your staff typically head out of the office to meet with clients for lunch or at their place of work, it’s crucial your staff be able to bring their work with them to share with the client, as well as being able to work while travelling.

The cloud brings your team the freedom to take their in-office workspace and bring it with them wherever they go. The best part? Their system will still be protected, as if they are in the office – at least when it comes to software and user actions. Physical security is a different matter (want to learn how best to adopt the cloud? See our Guide to moving your accounting firm to the cloud .

How OneSpace Makes Cloud Access Easy for Accounting Firm Users

If you’ve spent time searching for the right cloud provider, you might know that many providers restrict access, forcing you to access their platform through VPNs. It may even be the reason why you’ve not yet found the right provider for your business.

A VPN by its very nature will slow down speeds, and force you and your staff to jump through additional hoops, just to access your platform.

Additionally, other providers can put limits on how your cloud platform is accessed; such limits come as approval processes, forced registrations, and the like. While that might sound like additional security, making it overly complicated to access your platform remotely can frustrate staff –discouraging them from working remotely.

OneSpace clients don’t use VPNs to access the cloud; as mentioned above, the only steps involved to start working on the OneSpace platform are logging in through a secure web portal. That means no annoying approval processes or complicated setup procedures when one of your staff needs to access their work from their phone or tablet, or long wait times to log in through a VPN.

OneSpace is about speed, stability and ease of use. Interested in hearing how OneSpace can fit into your accounting firm’s daily workflow flawlessly? Speak to OneSpace today.