We work with more than 700 accounting practices all over Australia and New Zealand, so when it comes to cloud-based technology solutions for accountants, we know we can help. But we want you to hear how it works in the real world.

This is a short case study on one of our clients, to show you what kind of problems OneSpace can solve.



TGS is an accounting practice that offers accounting, tax, and business advisory. Across the board, they have approximately 25 people providing financial advice, tax, accounting, structuring, financial planning, and wealth advisory; basically, they’re a one-stop shop. They fill the gap for high-end advice without the high-end price.



Their previous IT providers has looked after them from day one, for over 10 years.
But their IT problems were numerous:

Aging infrastructure

They had hardware that was starting to fail and fell outside of warranty. Software was slowing or freezing because the CPU was maxed out. Outages would last anywhere from an hour to half a day.

If one of the servers broke down, they would have to get a replacement or replacement parts, and that process could take a week or even longer. And if the other server broke down as well, it meant all work would come to a complete halt.

One of the partners was spending up to 15% of the week was spent fixing IT issues, on top of a full day of work.

Virus threats

They’d had a few viruses, including one that was accidentally brought out of their anti-virus filter. They lost at least half a week in productivity, and it cost $20,000 to $30,000 for their IT provider to stop the virus, get it off the server, and restore the data.

That was the last straw.


The next step

When TGS’ infrastructure was getting near the end of its life, their IT provider’s first instinct was to give them a new hardware-based solution, which came with a significant upfront cost.

But they were ready to move to the cloud and wanted to know how they could. Their IT provider came up with a complex cloud-based solution involving a number of moving parts and third-parties. That wasn’t what they wanted, so they decided to start looking for something that suited them.

After nine months of exploring other options, TGS found OneSpace.



It was Reckon who gave them a referral to us. But TGS wanted more proof before they gave us a call. We knew they’d find it.

They heard that around 50 other firms had moved to our OneSpace platform and were happy with the transition. So they rang up one firm and spoke to a few random people through the switchboard. TGS knew that user experience was one of the most important factors in choosing a new platform, and they needed to know if ours could deliver on that. They asked, “Oh hey, how do you find the new software, how do you find the new system?” And the response was overwhelmingly positive, everyone only had good things to say.

TGS gave us a call. And when they did, we came in and showed them OneSpace, our pre-packaged cloud-based solution specifically created with accountants in mind. We showed them how simple it was to use, how we price it, and how easy it is to scale up and down as they needed.

In their words, “it [was] a no-brainer”.



After four and a half months, TGS was now on the OneSpace platform. Here’s what they’ve been saying:

No more updates

“All the Reckon products are running pretty smoothly, or smoothly.”

No more viruses

“… in the OneSpace environment, we haven’t had any problems…our staff are now acutely aware [of what happens] if anyone introduces a virus to the system.”

Easy access

“Now when any of the team log in to OneSpace, because it’s not doing all the data crunching on their home PC, all the data crunching happens in OneSpace, they’re just getting a screenshot of the outcome, beautiful.”


“…being able to pull up OneSpace on your Surface, and hook it into your phone, and you’ve got your own project. I can just bring up client files, show them work papers, and stuff.”


If you’re an accounting firm that cares about security and is looking to migrate to the cloud quickly and easily, contact us today at onespace@byte.com.au or give us a call at +61 3 9828 9999.