Are you relying on a physical server? Consider moving your systems to cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting has become part of our everyday life, whether we notice it or not. The emails on our phone, the document we access, chances are, you are downloading these from a cloud service. It means you always have access, no matter what’s happening. But when it comes to their business, some accounting firms are still relying on on-premise technology. And by doing so, they’re risking the safety and security of business and their clients’ data in a world of cyber threats and human error.

On-premise vs Cloud Hosting
On-premise technology has been a staple of the modern workforce for over 20 years. It refers to everything in your office: the computer, physical IT servers, and hard drives. It even includes the software you install.

Basically, cloud is everything you would consider on-premise. That may not seem like much of a difference, but for your day-to-day, it is a big improvement.

Here’s a scenario: have you ever had to use a different computer for the day? Chances are, it didn’t have all the files you wanted or your usual software installed. It’s frustrating because you lose time setting it all back up. Worse, you probably weren’t able to set up everything you needed, so you only got some of your work done.

When you have a cloud solution, this is no longer a problem. Everything you need can be accessed online. For example, your files are stored in the cloud and you have to option of keeping a folder on your computer. But the files aren’t really on your computer; they’re a link to the original back in the cloud. So whenever you make a change from your computer, it automatically syncs back to the cloud. No matter where you work from, you always have the most up-to-date file.

Why should you go cloud
When it comes to migrating your complete system to the cloud, it may seem like too much work and not as secure as having all your technology in the office. Think about it this way: as an accounting firm, you handle some of the most sensitive data possible on behalf of your clients. You need to guarantee them security. And the cloud is far more secure than your on-premise setup for that reason. Because disaster can take many forms.

One common disaster is hardware failure. This is always a risk when you work with any hardware, but it increases with the amount of hardware you deal with. If you’re only using on-premise technology, you’re risking your entire business to humans and hackers.

Human error is one of the most common reasons for security failure. A lost laptop or mobile is enough to make us sweat, but if you’re keeping every piece of client data on that machine, your problems have only begun. Even an easy password can lead to one of the biggest cyber threats: ransomware.

Ransomware is software that locks down your systems in return for payment. In the last year, 48% of Australian businesses were hit by ransomware, with a total financial loss of $240,000 (ACCC). But it’s not just money that you lose. It’s other factors like work time, damaged hardware and recovery time that hurt you financially. More than that, your firm’s reputation is at stake because you are no longer a firm that is ‘secure’.

You’re probably wondering, ‘Don’t a lot of these issue happen in the cloud?’

No, because being in the cloud makes you more secure.

Why the cloud is more secure
Being in the cloud means more security with less work. For example, software updates are one of the ways a hacker can find a backdoor into your systems. These updates rely on every person with the software to run these updates in a timely matter. But we know that as accountants, your workload means that clients come first and updates second. Putting your software in the cloud means that your IT team can update the software for everyone with no interruption to anyone’s work day.

Keeping your systems in the cloud means no more accidental access points. When a team member leaves, removing their access is a time-consuming process and if you miss one, it’s an open door for trouble. In cloud hosting, that member’s access can be wiped in one go, so you never have to worry about a missed login point again.

Finally, if a team member does lose their laptop of phone, it can also be wiped remotely, eliminating any fear of someone getting their hands on sensitive data.

Remember, moving to the cloud doesn’t mean your day-to-day changes. It means it’s more secure, so you can get more done anywhere.

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